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Gymnastic Rings – The absolute best way to train your upper body!

Gymnastic Ring - Singapore

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Gymnastic Rings are an amazing way to develop functional strength in your upper body.

Exercises that are tough from a fixed apparatus, such as pull-ups from a bar, or dips from a dip station, are many times more grueling from a set of gymnastics rings.

Why is that? Because you have to expend so much effort just to keep the rings stationary. Each exercise recruits all of the little stabilizing muscles of the upper body.

A person that can do 25-30 normal pushups may only be able to do 10 ring pushups.


  • The Gym Rings give you instant access to perform many of the most effective body weight training exercises
  • Support up to 600lbs (270kg) weight
  • Compatible with any chin up bar
  • Use with wall mounted chin up bar as anchor for better stability and safety
  • Set the ring high: perform ring pull up, ring muscle up etc
  • Set the ring at medium height: perform body weight rows, tricep extensions, ring dips etc
  • Set the ring low: perform push up, chest flies, one leg squats, reverse lunges etc
  • Many more exercises are possible using the Gym Rings, visit YouTube!

Multiple Variety of Exercises:


  • 2x Gym Rings with a unique wood grain textured finish for extra comfort and grip (diameter 23 cm)
  • 2x High density nylon strap with quick adjusting cam buckles (length approx. 4 meters)

 Order Online from www.SPORTSCO.sg

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Gymnastic Ring - Singapore

 Order Online from www.SPORTSCO.sg