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Manus Grip for Thick / Fat Bar Training

Wall Mounted Chin Up Bar / Pull Up Bar Singapore - Bottom View

Manus Grip transform your wall mounted chin up bar into a THICK BAR wall mounted chin up bar
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Special Price: SGD 39.90 / pair (same color)
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Available Color: Orange, Black


Do you know that your body is only as strong as its Weakest link?

Do Your Hand Grips become Your Weakest Link preventing you to do more pull up?

How can you train your hand grips?

Thick Bar Training is the Answer!

    • Thick Bar Training is simply performing your usual pull up and weight lifting exercise with a much thicker bar handles to train your hand grips strength.


    • Thick Bar Training is relatively unknown among the mainstream fitness crowd, but it has been widely used by the military special forces, law enforcers, bodybuilders, MMA fighters and elite sports team such as NFL teams.


    • Thick Bar Equipments are rarely found in gyms because they are very expensive.


    • However, recent invention of Thick Bar Adapter has made it possible for us to perform thick bar training at a fraction of its original cost.


  • All you need is a pair of Thick Bar Adapter to transform your Existing Equipments (pull up bar, dumbbell, barbell, push up bar, dip bar, resistant bands etc) into Thick Bar Equipments to start your thick bar training to train your hand grips.

Introducing a world-known, high quality and Market-Prefered Thick Bar Adapter from Korea, MANUS GRIP!

Perform Thick Bar Pull Up with Manus Grip today to train your grips strength which would help you to do more pull up!

Manus Grip is compatible with our Wall Mounted Chin Up Bar.

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Manus Grip Singapore - Top View

Wall Mounted Chin Up Bar / Pull Up Bar with Manus Grip - Side View

Manus Grip Singapore - Dumbbell Exercise

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