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Ultimate Resistance Bands (Basic Set) include 5 Bands + 2 FREE Chest Expander Bands (up to 100 lbs resistance)

Ultimate Resistance Bands - Singapore

Ultimate Resistance Bands Latex Tube - Singapore

Regular Price: SGD 50 / set
Special Price: SGD 29.90 / set

Brand New Item. Limited Stock!

Include 5 Bands. Combined up to 100 lbs Resistance
+ 2 FREE Chest Expander Bands (Promo period only)
+ 1 FREE Black Pouch

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  • Strong and Durable. Made of premium dipped latex tubes which enhanced the durability and flexibility of the bands.
  • Travel well. Easily pack them in your bag for traveling and perform exercises anywhere.
  • Support multiple variety of exercises. With weights, you’re often limited as to how many exercises you can do. But, the resistance bands allow you to change your positioning in multiple ways. You can perform chest press, seated row, bicep curls, squats etc.
  • Multiple level of intensity. Combine, mix and match the resistance bands for different level of intensity that suits your exercise. Combine all the 5 bands for up to 100 lbs of resistance!
  • Inexpensive compared to weights.
  • Increase coordination. You have to stabilize your body due to the tension generated throughout the exercises. This helps with coordination, balance and it also helps you involve more muscle groups.
  • Great for all fitness levels. Depending on how you use them, bands can be great for beginners as well as more advanced exercisers. You can use them for basic moves or to add intensity to traditional moves.

Multiple Variety of Exercises:


  • 5 Bands – Combined up to 100 lbs resistance:
  • 1x Yellow band: 10 lbs*
  • 1x Blue band: 15 lbs*
  • 1x Red band: 20 lbs*
  • 1x Green band: 25 lbs*
  • 1x Black band: 30 lbs*
  • 1x Door Anchor
  • 2x Ankle / Multi Purpose Straps
  • 2x Foam Handle with 2 big and strong carabiners
  • Exercise manual
  • FREE 1x “8″ Shape Chest Expander Band
  • FREE 1x Black Pouch
  • *estimates

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More Pictures:

Resistance Bands Exercise for Men

Resistance Bands Exercise for Women

 Order Online from www.SPORTSCO.sg